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Ultracom Wireless Communications Inc.

1. What is the difference between UltraCom and U.S. Cellular?

UltraCom is an exclusive authorized agent for U.S. Cellular, which means we sell U.S. Cellular products and services, but are not owned by them. Instead we are privately owned, giving you the personal customer service that you deserve.

2. Can I pay my U.S. Cellular bill at your store location?

Yes, you can pay with cash, credit or with check at any of our 7 locations.

3. What is UltraCom and U.S. Cellular doing to protect my account? Why do I have to show a photo ID?

We have strict guidelines, mandated by the FCC to protect your account and your identity. When accessing any account, we require the last four digits of the social security number and the cell phone number. We also require a valid photo id so we know that only the account holder and its authorized users are accessing the account.

4. Can I charge items (phones or accessories) to my U.S. Cellular bill?

No, because we are privately owned. We have no access to a customer's bill.

5. How can I pay my U.S. Cellular bill?

You can pay your bill in the store, with check by mail, over the phone to customer service, or online.

6. Do you offer different pricing for business accounts?

Yes. We offer price plans designed especially for big or small businesses, as well as discount pricing on phones.

7. How do I setup my voicemail?

First, dial your voicemail using your message menu, or press and hold the 1 key to use speed dial. When it prompts you for the password, enter 9999. The system will then ask you to choose your own password. Next, it will give you instructions on entering your name and personal greeting. Just follow the prompts, and wait until it tells you have successfully set up your voicemail. The next time you call your voicemail, it will ask you f or the password you chose and take you to the message menu.

8. How do I file an insurance claim?

The account holder calls the Signal Insurance company at 1-800-480-0167. There, the customer service representatives will ask what happened to the phone, including date and time. They will also ask for the $50.00 deductible to be paid with credit card or check. Once the claim is filed, you should receive a new phone within 3 business days, at which time you can call customer service or come into the store to have it activated. If you need a loaner phone to get you through the few days while waiting for your new phone, stop in to any one of our locations and we will be glad to help you.

9. What are the guidelines for charging my battery?

The best way to charge your phone is using the wall charger that was provided with your phone. You can charge the battery whenever the battery meter on your phone says it’s getting low, or whenever it’s convenient for you. Use car chargers sparingly, and never keep your phone plugged into the cigarette lighter for more than 2 hours.

10. How can I check my minute usage?

If you are looking for your current usage to keep track, you can dial #225 from your cell phone. This is an automated system which will tell you how many minutes and text messages you have used. It will ask you for the last four digits of the account holder’s social security number to give you access to the account. If it is a business account, it will ask for the billing address zip code. If you are looking for past usage, you can stop into any of our stores or give us a call. If we are unavailable you can dial 611 from your cell phone for customer service.

11. What is the warranty on my phone?

Your phone comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty when purchased new. This covers any manufacturer defect that may occur within one year of the date it was activated. Any physical damage to the phone, such as a broken screen or liquid damage voids this warranty.

12. What if I need help using my phone?

You can come into any one of our stores where our representatives will be happy to help you with whatever you need. If you’re not able to come to a store, you can call 611 from your cell phone or 1-888-944-9400 from a land line for customer service. If you are experiencing trouble with your smartphone or wireless modem card, any of our stores can help you. If you can’t make it to a store, then call 1-888-996-5499 for our Data Technical Services team. Please try to call from a different phone if possible.


13. How to Set up my U.S. Cellular "MY ACCOUNT"

  1. Go to www.uscc.com
  2. On the top right of the page click “My Account”
  3. Scroll down and click register
  4. Click on “Click Here if you do not yet have a pin” (in order to get your PIN sent to your phone)
  5. Enter in your Account # (from your statement)
  6. Click Submit
  7. Enter in last four of the account owner’s social security # or Tax ID if it’s for a Business
  8. Enter in verification code
  9. Click Submit
  10. Select the wireless phone number you want to get your PIN # sent to
  11. Check and accept terms and conditions
  12. Click Submit
  13. A 6 digit pin will be sent to the phone number you chose in the form of a text message.
  14. You will then go back into Register 
  15. Enter the 6 digit PIN that was sent to your phone.
  16. Create a username. This can be whatever you wish.
  17. Create a password. This has to be between 6 and 16 characters long.
  18. Enter your email address
  19. Select security questions (1 and 2) and input your answers to them.
  20. Enter in Account number
  21. Enter in the cell phone number you wish to receive notifications about your My Account including billing info.
  22. Click Submit
  23. You will have to log back into your My Account in order to get the account active and use your points.
  24. You will need to set up for Paperless billing and online autopay in order to receive the 5% off of your monthly bill!

Discounts are as follows:
Autopay through a checking account = 5%
Autopay through a credit or debit card = 3%


14. How to set up MY account on a Wireless Modem UM185

1. "Connect" to the internet using your UM185 modem
2. Go to “pcdphones.com”
3. Select "Get Started" under "Our Devices"
4. Select US Cellular under drop down for “other service providers” (right side of page)

5. Select UM185US Wireless Modem
6. Select UM185 MR (right side of page)
7. Select Download (ZIP, 33.5 MB)
8. Customer should select "Save"
9. Once downloaded "Open" file
10. "Disconnect" from wireless modem but leave plugged in
11. Then double click on file and select "Run"
12. Once this is installed restart computer
13. Launch US Cellular Broadband Connect
14. Select "Help"
15. Select "Live Update" twice
16. Enter the data plan (5GB)
17. Enter cycle date
18. "Connect" to the internet
19. Open “uscellular.com”
20. Go to "My Account"
21. Select "Register"
22. Select "Click here" if you do not have a pin
23. Customer to enter account #, then last 4 of ssn, then privacy code (confirm they are not a computer), then select 10 digit wireless modem# from drop down list, then agree to terms & conditions.
24. PIN message will be sent to US Cellular Broadband screen (envelope next to globe)
25. Customer would enter this PIN under “register” screen and proceed with setup of My Account.
The whole process takes at least 15 minutes depending on customer’s computer.