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BlackBerry 9350 Curve Website How To:

Send a text message

The number of recipients that you can send a text message to depends on your wireless service provider.

  1. On the Home screen, click the Text Messages icon.
  2. Press the Menukey > Compose Text Message.
  3. In the To field, do one of the following:
    • Type a contact name.
    • Press the Menukey > Choose Contact. Click a contact.
    • Type a phone number that can receive text messages (including the country code and area code). For languages with non-Latin characters, press the Alt key to type numbers. Press the Enterkey on the keyboard.
    • If your BlackBerry® smartphone is connected to a CDMA network, you can type an email address.
  4. Type a message.
  5. Press the Enterkey on the keyboard.

Set up an email address

  1. On the Home screen, click the Setup icon.
  2. In the Setup section, click the Email Accounts icon.
  3. Follow the screens to set up your email address. When your email address is set up correctly, you receive a confirmation message. To view and manage your email messages, on the Home screen, click the Messages icon.

Note: In some cases, you might see the following options. If so, select one of the options.

  • Internet Mail Account: Use this option to associate your BlackBerry® smartphone with one or more existing email accounts (for example, Windows Live� Hotmail®) or to create a new email address for your smartphone.
  • Enterprise Account: If your administrator gave you an enterprise activation password, use this option to associate your smartphone with your work email account using the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server.

If you are trying to set up a Internet email account (for example, Windows Live� Hotmail® or Google Mail�) or a new email address for your smartphone, and do not see this option, contact your administrator or wireless service provider.

Downloading apps with the BlackBerry App World

With the BlackBerry App World� storefront, you can search for and download games, themes, social networking apps, personal productivity apps, and much more. Using an existing PayPal® account, you can buy and download apps to your smartphone over the wireless network.
If you don't already have the BlackBerry App World on your smartphone, you can download it at www.blackberryappworld.com. For more information about managing apps using BlackBerry App World, click the BlackBerry App World icon. Press the Menukey > Help.
Depending on your wireless service provider and region, you might have the option to add or update apps using the BlackBerry App World� storefront. You might also be able to download apps from a webpage (try visiting mobile.blackberry.com from your BlackBerry smartphone), or through your wireless service provider. Data charges might apply when you add or use an app over the wireless network. For more information, contact your wireless service provider.

Transfer a file from your computer to your smartphone using your smartphone as a USB memory drive
You must use the BlackBerry® Desktop Software to manage and preserve the information or the encryption that is associated with your media files when you transfer files between your BlackBerry smartphone and your computer.

  1. Connect your smartphone to your computer using a USB cable.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • If you want to transfer most types of files, in the dialog box that appears on your smartphone, select the USB option.
    • If you want to transfer media files that are protected with DRM, in the dialog box that appears on your smartphone, select the media transfer option.
  3. If necessary, type a password. Your smartphone appears as a drive on your computer.
  4. Drag a file from a location on your computer to a folder on your smartphone.

After you finish: To view the transferred file on your smartphone, disconnect your smartphone from your computer and find the file.

About using your smartphone as a tethered modem

Depending on your wireless service plan or administrator, you might be able to share the Internet connection on your BlackBerry® smartphone. For example, if you are travelling, you can use your smartphone's Internet connection to access the Internet on a laptop or tablet.
To use your smartphone as a tethered modem with a laptop, you must connect your smartphone with your laptop using a USB cable and open the BlackBerry® Desktop Software.
While using your smartphone as a modem, you might not be able to use your smartphone's Phone application, Messaging applications, or applications that use the Internet. To receive a phone call, your smartphone might turn off the tethered Internet connection.
For more information about tethering, see the Help section in the BlackBerry Desktop Software.

View a location on a map

  1. On the Home screen, click the Maps icon.
  2. Press the Menukey > Find a Location.
    • To search for a point of interest such as a business or landmark, in the Find a store, café, etc. field, type the information for the point of interest. Highlight the point of interest.
    • To view a new location, in the Find an address field, type an address. Highlight the location.
    • To view a location for a contact, in the Find a store, café, etc. field, type the contact name. Highlight the contact information.
    • To view a favorite location, in the Favorites section, highlight the location.
  3. Press the Menukey > View on Map.

After you finish: If you are viewing a location other than your current location, to get directions to this location from your current location, press the Menukey > Navigate to Here. Your BlackBerry® smartphone must have an internal GPS receiver or be paired with a Bluetooth® enabled GPS receiver to perform this task.


Lock or unlock your smartphone

You can lock the keyboard to avoid pressing it or making calls accidentally and, if you have set a BlackBerry® smartphone password, you can also lock your smartphone with a password.
Depending on how you or your administrator set your password options, if you don't use your smartphone for a certain period of time, your smartphone might lock with a password automatically.
Do one of the following:

  • To lock the keyboard, press the Lockkey on the top of your smartphone.
  • To unlock the keyboard, press the Lockkey again.
  • To lock your smartphone with a password, on the home screen or in a folder, click the Password Lockicon.
  • To unlock your smartphone, enter your password. Press the Enterkey on the keyboard.

Turn on or turn off airplane mode
You should keep network connections turned off in certain places, such as on an airplane or in a hospital. For more information, see the Safety and Product Information booklet for your BlackBerry® smartphone.
On the home screen, click the connections area at the top of the screen, or click the Manage Connections icon.

  • To turn on airplane mode, click All Off.
  • To turn off airplane mode, click Restore Connections.

Turn off word substitution

  1. On the Home screen or in a folder, click the Options icon.
  2. Click Typing and Input > Typing.
  3. For a keyboard, click Advanced Style Options.
  4. Clear the Spelling checkbox.
  5. Press the Menukey > Save.

BlackBerry 9350 Curve Tips:

Finding apps

Look in a folder on your home screen:
    • Some apps are located in folders on your home screen. Click a folder to see what apps are inside

Make all hidden apps visible on the home screen:

    • On the home screen, press the Menukey > Show All Icons. To unhide the app, highlight it and then click Hide Icon to clear the check mark. If the icon is hidden in other panels, you can unhide the icon in all panels, or in the current panel only. If Show All Icons does not appear in the menu, there are no apps hidden from view.

Search for an app:

    • On the home screen, start typing the app name for which you are searching.

Verify that an app is installed:

    • On the home screen or in a folder, click the Options icon. Click Device > Application Management. If the app is listed, it is installed on your Blackberry smartphone.


Updating your software

Updated BlackBerry Device Software and BlackBerry Desktop Software are released periodically, and you might be able to update the software from either your computer or your smartphone. Research In Motion recommends that you regularly create and save a backup file on your computer, especially before you update any software. Maintaining a current backup file on your computer might allow you to recover smartphone data if your smartphone is lost, stolen, or corrupted by an unforeseen issue.
Check to see if there is updated BlackBerry Device Software that you can download over the network:

    • Depending on your smartphone model, this feature might not be supported. On the Home screen or in a folder, click the Options icon. Click Device > Software Updates.

Update your BlackBerry Device Software from your computer:

Update your BlackBerry Desktop Software:

Doing things quickly
Access popular options such as changing your ringtone, setting the alarm, viewing notifications and turning on or turning off network connections:

    • Highlight and click the areas at the top of the Home screen.

Switch to another app:

    • Press and hold the Menukey. Click an app.

Note: The other app might still be running in the background.

Open an app with the convenience key:

    • Press a convenience key on the side of your smartphone.

Note:  You can customize which app a convenience key opens by going into Options > Device > Convenience Key.

Switch to the Favorites, Media, Downloads and Frequent panels:

    • On the Home screen, highlight All on the navigation bar and slide your finger on the trackpad to the right or left.

Change options for the Home screen such as the wallpaper:

    • On the Home screen, press the Menukey > Options.

Extending battery life
Set your BlackBerry smartphone to turn on and off automatically. You can set your smartphone to turn off while you aren’t using it for an extended period, like when you are asleep. Data you receive when the smartphone is turned off automatically updates when the smartphone turns on.

Setting backlighting to remain on for a shorter period of time and lower it’s brightness:

    • On the Home screen or in a folder, click the Options icon. Click Display > Screen Display.

Turn off network connections you aren’t using:

    • On the Home screen, click the connections area at the top of the screen, or click the Manage Connections icon. Click a network connection to clear the checkbox.

Close apps when you’re finished with them. When you switch from one app to another, some apps, such as the Browser app or the Music app, run in the background, which uses battery power.

    • In an app, press the Menukey > Close.

Switch your vibrating notifications to sound notifications or LED notifications, lower the volume of your sound notifications, or select a shorter ring tone.

    • On the Home screen, click the Sound and Alert Profiles icon. Click Change Sounds and Alerts

If your smartphone has a camera flash, turn off the flash.

    •  On the Home screen, click the Camera icon. Click the flash icon on the bottom of the screen until the Flash Off indicator appears.

Keep your battery connections clean. Keeping the battery clean extends the life of your battery.

    • Every few months, use a cotton swab or dry cloth to clean the metal contacts on the battery and the smartphone.